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Light Produkte – ihre Inhaltststoffe und Wirkung

Was steckt wirklich in Light-Produkten? Was bedeutet es überhaupt, wenn ein Produkt als „light“ gekennzeichnet ist? Bedeutet „light“ leichte und gut verdauliche Nahrung?

Light-Produkte versprechen Genuss ohne Reue. Bei genauerer Betrachtung stellt sich aber heraus, dass es sich um eine Marketingstrategie handelt. Light-Produkte sind Imitate des Orignals, bei dem ein oder mehrere Bestandteile ersetzt werden.

In den letzten Jahren findet man immer mehr Produkte mit dem Beinamen „light“ in den Supermärkten. Sie werden als gesunde und kalorienarme Alternative beworben. Im Regal sind sie leicht am blassen Farbcode zu erkennen.

Coca Cola – open calories

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Macht man sich wirklich Freude auf?

Welche Werbung kann man heut zu tage noch glauben? In der Konsumgesellschaft von heute spielt die Werbung eine große Rolle. Es werden alle Register gezogen, um neue Kunden zu gewinnen.

Coca Cola ist ein weltbekannter Konzern, der mit seinem kohlensäurehaltigen Erfrischungsgetränk die ganze Welt erobert hat.  Es ist die wohl bekannteste Cola-Marke der Coca- Cola Company. Der Coca-Cola-Schriftzug ist ein weltweit bekanntes Markenzeichen.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

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The United States is among the world’s largest sugar producers. Sugar production increased when the U.S cut ties with Cuba in the 60’s, and stopped importing sugar from them. Even more sugar began being produced since government farm subsidies were introduced in the 90’s. Since then the production of the cheap sugar alternative high fructose corn syrup has increased and started making way into more and more American foods. HFCS increased from 2.2 million tons in 1980 to an average 9.2 million tons in the 2000s. Demand for HFCS is driven by demand for products that use the syrups as inputs. For HFCS-55, the major use is in the beverage industry, which demands over 90 percent of total domestic deliveries.

Book review: Stephen Ward on Global Media Ethics: Problems and Perspectives

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Global media ethics is about the responsibilities of news media that is now global. Compared to traditional ethics, global media ethics are ment to strech over borders and cultures to provide a world-wide guidelines in a world where social media and the internet in general has forced us to rework the rules. With social media and the internet everyone can become a home-grown journalist and publish Facebook, Twitter and blogs. For traditional journalism internet has given access to almost unlimited amount of fast growing information.

The Fukuchima Lie

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The Fukushima Lie

Whenever we think about “media”, or words such as “government” and “Conglomerate” occur to us together. And whenever we think about an accident, media always play an important role. In Japan in 2011, there was a serious explosion of nuclear facility resulted from a tsunami. The tsunami heated an entire area of the Hukushima region and it made it a ground zero.


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The documentary Blackfish covers the life of Tilikum, an orca whale held by SeaWorld. This documentary brings to question the ethics of holding animals in captivity, and the ethics of the corporation in charge.
SeaWorld captured Tilikum from the wild when he was a baby, took him from his mother, and has held him at their location in Orlando for much of his life. He has killed three trainers, and is now segregated from whales and humans alike for most of his life.

A Place at the Table: Moral conflicts surrounding hunger in America

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A Place at the Table is a documentary that follows the lives of several Americans as they struggle with food insecurity. The topic of hunger in the United States has been lingering since the late 1950s. However, the amount of people who go hungry or who have food insecurity (i.e. do not know where their next meal will come from) has drastically risen each year, mostly affecting children, single parents, and the elderly. In 2012, 50 million Americans were food insecure.

Tao Jie- Ein einfaches Leben

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Tao Jie - Ein einfaches Leben

Tao Jie (Originaltitel Tau ze) ist eine Tragikomödie welche 2011 unter der Regie von Ann Hui und nach Drehbuch von Susan Chan und Roger Lee erschienen ist. Produziert wurde der 114 minütige Film in der Volksrepublik China. Zudem beruht der ergreifende und keineswegs beschönigende Film auf einer wahren Geschichte.

Bowling for Collumbine

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What are the reasons for the United States of America keeping the worldwide record on homicides and violent crimes related to guns? In Michael Moores documentary “Bowling for Columbine”, he tries to find answers to this very question, showing the audience interviews of pathetic gun fanatics and even succeeds stopping K-Mart from selling any more bullets to US citizens.
The name of the documentary originates from the so-called Columbine Massacre, a widely reported school shooting that, took place in April 20th 1999 and the fact that the two shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, went bowling before killing 12 students and one teacher, wounding many others.

A Place at the Table: Moral conflicts surrounding hunger in America

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A Place at the Table is a documentary follows the lives of several did Americans as They struggle with food insecurity. The topic of starvation in the United States has been lingering since the late 1950s. However, de amount of people who go hungry or who have food insecurity (ie do not know where Their next meal will come from) has risen each year Drastically, mostly Affecting children, single parents, and the elderly. In 2012, 50 million Americans werewolf food insecure.

Unser täglich Brot

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Der österreichische Dokumentarfilm „Unser täglich Brot“ (2005) handelt von der Massenproduktion von Lebensmitteln. Der Regisseur ,Produzent und Kameramann Nikolaus Geyrhalter zeigt dabei mit klaren und sachlichen Aufnahmen die unverblümte Wahrheit über die Situation in Europa.

Das Besondere an diesem Film ist, dass auf der Tonebene nur mit Geräuschen gearbeitet wird. Es werden keine Interviews durchgeführt oder gesprochene Hintergrundinformationen preisgegeben. Die Bilder des Films sprechen aber auch ohne Ton für sich und somit sind Zusatzinformationen gar nicht notwendig.

Review - Food, Inc

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Es werden keine Tiere gezüchtet, sie werden produziert. Wie behandelt der Mensch andere Lebewesen?

Food, Inc.

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Food, inc. (2008) Robbert Kenner

Food inc. is a documentary of Robert Kenner. This documentary is about our food, and what we know about it.

Since 1950’s there was a big change in the food business. The brothers McDonald came up with a brilliant idea, fast food. They trained each employee to fulfil just one task, over and over again. In this way, they could pay them a low wage. The kitchen became basically a factory. The food was inexpensive and tasted good, that’s what made McDonald’s a great success. McDonalds became the largest purchaser of ground beef in the United States. They wanted their hamburgers to tastes, everywhere, exactly the same. They changed how ground beef is produced. 

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