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Dinge, die unser Leben täglich bestimmen - ein Beispiel

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Heute: Dinge, die unser Leben täglich bestimmen. Und was wir kurz- oder mittelfristig tun können, um sie zu verändern.


Ethify Yourself and how to communicate Good Life

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We are invited to give a workshop at the degrowth conference in Leipzig (September 5th 2014, 11-13, Room S313). Transition initiatives worldwide are being faced with similar challenges: beyond the need for active participants they require common rule sets, various resources depending on their activity scope and vital communication channels for their crowd and stakeholders. A typical life cycle of a local initiative (such as community gardening) is enthusiasm, group-finding, resource allocation, common activities, rule setting, communication, building alliances and sustainification. Within this special session, we will be looking at the latter four.

Oekodorf Blatusa

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Auch in Kroatien entwickeln sich Oekodoerfer. Ihr Anliegen ist es, in Gemeinschaft alternative Lebensformen mit einem geringen Ressourcenverbrauch zu entwickeln. Eine viel beachtete Initiative ist das Oekodorf Blatuša near Sizak. 2012 wurden 10 Haueser renoviert und Gaerten angelegt. Leider gibt es keinerlei beschreibungen auf Englisch oder Deutsch, vielleicht kann jemand Texte als Kommentar uebersetzen?

Food is too precious to waste

We appreciate food. We appreciate the water, land, energy, money and human labor, that is utilized to produce food. Therefore, we made this short video to show the waste of food in a supermarket daily.

Plastiksäcke in der Natur

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Plastiksäcke in der Natur        ein Text von Patrik Kopf

Der Verbrauch von Polythylentaschen und deren Konsequenzen

Exotische Früchte und ihr bitterer Beigeschmack

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Exotische Früchte sind gesund und wohlschmeckend, durch ihre Transporte aber auch eine starke Belastung für das Klima.

To do or not to do, that is the question!

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In our time the competition in the business is very strong. There are many different companies and a wide variety of products to choose from. In order to secure a safe place in the market, companies use different paths and diverse sale strategies. The companies often manipulate buyers. The illumination system is often used to make the products more attractive and colorful. This is particularly common in more expensive shops. The main types of lighting used in boutiques are: general illumination, accent illumination and decorative illumination. This lighting can make a customer feel more content and allows the products to stand out and appear somewhat idealistic.

Blood Jeans

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Why we wear not only jeans, but also the blood of thousands of people.

Jeans have to be hip, jeans have to be cheap and we cannot get enough of them. But what remains for the factory workers and the environment after buying Jeans for sometimes less than 10 Euros?

Pause machen? Das halten wir nicht aus!!!

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Ständig online und überall erreichbar zu sein ist ein Zwang bei vielen Jugendlichen.

Facebooksüchtig, Whatsapp verseucht, Youtube Potato, Gamer, SMSer... Was machen Jugendliche um abzuschalten? Wie könnte ein Leben offline funktionieren?

Respect the food

The price of progress

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The price of progress

By Claudia Schett

Where the natural resources for our mobile phones come from

The market for electronic goods boomed during the last decades with no end in sight. Especially the trade with mobile phones exploded. In order to produce those metals like copper, gold and silver are needed. But where do the more rare resources like coltan come from? Under which circumstances are they extracted? How has the situation changed?


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Over 7000 new Teeniemothers are there in Germany every year.

Yesterday teddy bear in their arms, today they are mothers. Also nowadays in our well sexual-explained times teeniepregnancies are not rare. Since five years the booming tendency is stopped, but we can also not speak from a reduction.

A study about this topic from “pro familia” and the Institute of sexual research from the University Hamburg in Germany says, that nowadays more and more of the 15 to 20 years old girls become pregnant - that means currently round 3 percent of all girls less than 20 years in Germany. (Is the girl less than 20 years, we speak from a teeniepregnancy)

RFID Chips

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CC-by-sa & dilemma


We know where you are. Every Day.

Introduction/ Questions

How is an RFID chip working? Where are RFID chips integrated? Why is the government affecting a citizens privacy so much? Is everyone automatically a criminal, or why should the state save all the locations? All the stores we visit, what products people buy (and so on)?

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