We are the 99 Percent

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Does 99% need to suffer, so the 1% can succeed? This text refers to the 1% of the population who is looking for power and have an ideal where they influence the rest of the group (99 percent) with. Especially on economic inequality this is a huge problem. With the 1 percent we mean bank CEO’s and the top of the large corporations.

In our world, 1% of the (wealthiest) people take almost 25 percent of the nations income. They have the best houses, education, doctors and lifestyle. Although they have enough money en wealth, they don’t seem to share with the rest of the group (99 percent).

The top 1% now mainly decides what happens with the other people. What I mean with that is that the urge of power that they have, affect the other people. Because they have to move out of their house for instance (economic crisis).

In 2008, during the economic crisis. The top people in the banks made a lot of money. The banks gave out loans wich people couldn’t pay back anymore. Loans, that people shouldn’t have gotten in the first place. They got a triple A rating (good loan). When the people eventually couldn’t pay back their loan, they had to move out of their houses. The banks went bankrupt and the top CEO’s got fired and took a lot of money with them.

The top 1% used their power to change to economy for the rest of the country and made themselves even richer. 

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