LSD set to be legalised in the Netherlands for therapeutic use.


You did good.

Most people just read the title and move on believing what it says.
That’s how fake news spread.
And this is fake news.

Syoss Sued For Allegedly Making Women’s Hair Green

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Jasmine Marie and Bret Roothaert, CNN.

Hundreds of women are claiming that the popular Red Velvet hair product from Syoss has been causing their hair to turn a certain green color and damaging their scalps.

What kind of hair dye can we still trust after this scandal that Syoss has unleashed? Why did Syoss not call-back all of their products after the first complaints? On the 16th of May, 2017, CNN took the initiative and searched for the answers we are all looking for.

Using your old laptop can harm your health (featured article)

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Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) recently published a study on the impact of using old li-ion batteries. Is your device safe?

Do you think you can use your old laptop? Researchers from HHS think so. The research took two years and twelve scientists to determine the level of radiation that is produced by li-ion batteries. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Innocent is not so innocent anymore

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CC-by-sa & literature
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Innocent, a former British brand which produces “healthy and natural” drinks has lost its name giving innocence. A couple of years ago, 90% of the company’s shares got bought up by the major beverage producer The Coca Cola Company. This now raises the question, if Innocent can still carry on with their brand promise without being influenced by the corporates heads at Coca Cola. It wouldn’t be the first time that Coca Cola bought up a successful, small business and changed their proven formula in order to cut costs and maximize profits while sacrificing the brand image.

Incest of Trump and Ivanka scandal

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Our new 45th president is taking headlines again but not for issues with the Russians or fighting a case with the FBI but a scandal that Trump is having secret relationship with his oldest daughter Ivanka.

Ivanka has been by her dad side since he started his campaign to run for presidency. She is Trump right hand when he needs anything she will get the job done. Ivanka is very close with her father but how close?

I'm not lovin' it anymore!

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I'm not lovin' it anymore!


Thank You For Smoking (2005) Review

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CC-by-sa & literature

Thank You For Smoking is 2005 satire/comedy from Director Jason Reitman starring Aaron Eckhart as Nick Naylor, the top Lobbyist of the Tobacco-Industry. It starts with a American talk show where Robin, a 15 year old cancer patient, is brought in as an example of how dangerous cigarettes can be. On the one side we have the President Of Mothers Against Teen Smoking, The Chairwoman of the Lung Association and a Top Aide from Health and Human Services, on the other side however, sits Nick Naylor. Smiling while the entire audience booes at him.  In a silent monologue he introduces himself to the viewer by stating out the fact that he represents a company that practically kills 1200 humans every single day for a living.

Plastic Paradise

The 20th century was shaped by a new world of cheap, convenient and disposable products. The lead, takes certainly the material called plastic. Scientists invented it and presented it as a perfect creation, because its indestructible. Particularly, it served the American army in the world war 2, when 85% of the plastic production was made for the military.

Nowadays you are often confronted with terms like “plastic islands” in the ocean. Nobody knows how they look like nor where they are – but does this problem even exist?

The True Cost (2015)

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“The world now consumes about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year. This is 400% more than the amount we consumed just two decades ago. “ The True Cost examines the real cost of fast fashion and garment production in the 21st century from a variety of aspects, these include the environmental impact, the health and social impact upon workers, the economic reasons behind why these conditions are so common and the psychological reasons detailing how the consumer impacted the rise of fast fashion.

Worker Impact

Summary of Wuppertal Institute Designguide

The Designguide describes the need of producing environmentally friendly  and sustainable products. It should help to educate new generation of designers which would think more carefully about the product sustainability. Over the 20th century designers mostly designed products that couldn’t be reused or recycled. And what more, the marketing of these products enhanced the constant consumption. The consumers got used to products with short life spans.

To fulfil the principle of sustainability producers should reconsider the production and try to offer the same usage products while consuming less resources.

Before the Flood – review

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In the year 2014, Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated as a United Nations. This title is given by OSN activities. It was the first time that Martin Scorsese (director) and Fisher Stevens (producer) came to the scene. As Leonardo DiCaprio describes: 

“We went to every corner of the globe to document the devastating impacts of climate change and questioned humanity's ability to reverse what may be the most catastrophic problem mankind has ever faced.” [1]


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Was bedeutet Ethik?

Mein Name ist Viola. Ich bin Intermedia Studentin im 4. Semester und kenne das Wort "Ethik" nur aus meinem alltäglichen Sprachgebrauch, sofern Ethik in meinem Alltag überhaupt Raum findet. Um dem Wort näher zu kommen, habe ich natürlich seine sprachliche Bedeutung gegoogelt. Unprofessionell habe ich mir sagen lassen, aber mal ehrlich... wer googelt nicht um die Bedeutung eines Begriffs zu erkunden? Ich stoße auf Begriffe wie: Charakter, Sinnesart, Gewohnheit, Sittenlehre, Normen, Handeln, Gut und Böse und natürlich die Moral. Was wäre ein Leben, ohne Moral?

Eating Animals

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My summery is about vegetarianism. I'm not a vegetarian myself, but I'm very interested in the topic of eating less meat to save the world. Unfortunatly only the first few chapters were available for me, so I did my summary about the first two chapters. 

Eating Animals

- Chapter1 - The Fruits of Family Trees
This first chapter of this book is about the author himself. He tells the reader about how his grandmother survived the war, but she had to fight to stay alive from malnutrition. That made her very concious about food. No foods are bad for you. The grandmother build her hole existence around food.

Human experiment

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The Human Experiment

„We all heve the power to influence the terms of our mortality. We can speed up the course oft he inevitable. Some of us smoke or drink. We fly in airplanes, drive cars. We may decide to surf big waves or to take up base jumping as a hobby. It´s called  „risk.“ We calculate the odds and make a deal with destiny. But what about the risks that are hidden from us?“

Communicating Sustainability in Social Media

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The past decade the business world has been changing it’s way when it comes to communication and social environment.

Businesses in Sustainability are companies changing their way for a healthy better environment and better policies then before. It addresses three main factors of the company’s financial, social and environmental risk. This helps business owners have a platform to understand what is best and worst for their business.

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