(Sustainability) Movie: Wall-E

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Wall-E about our, not so unrealistic, future

The movie takes place about 700 years in the future, where mankind has left the world behind. A world completly covered with trash from products sold by a big international company called Buy N Large coorperation. Every human left is now living on a big Spaceship waiting for the world to "recover". They all have become extremly fat by only sitting in big hovering chairs and comunicating or watching TV with a screen right in front of their faces. Furthermore they drink their meal through a Straw. Over the generations their bodies really suffered from this trend, in fact, many of their bones began to disconnect and shrink, and so they can barely move anymore.

Dinge, die unser Leben täglich bestimmen - ein Beispiel

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Heute: Dinge, die unser Leben täglich bestimmen. Und was wir kurz- oder mittelfristig tun können, um sie zu verändern.


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