Degrowth - A Vocabulary for a New Era

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"We live in an era of stagnation, rapid impoverishment, rising inequalities and socio-ecological disasters. In the dominant discourse, these are effects of economic crisis, lack of growth or underdevelopment. This book argues that growth is the cause of these problems and that it has become uneconomic, ecologically unsustainable and intrinsically unjust."

This book is a valuable contribution to the academic discussion to design an economic system without the need for growth. ‘Simplicity’ is very closely connected to ‘conviviality’ and has an effect on the way we are living. Several aspects are being touched in 51 chapters, among them: Anti-utilitarianism, Care, Commodification, Commons, Depoliticization, Happines, Disobedience, Urban gardening, Buen Vivir or Ubuntu.

Konsumfreie Zeit

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Konsumfreie Zeit
Ein Semester ohne Konsumgüter - Der Versuch auf alternative Wirtschaftsformen zurück zu greifen

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