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Food marketing to children: ethical issues

Each of us has definitely seen the scene in the grocery: the small kid is nag­ging, crying, and whining to get his mom to buy him some special sort of sweet products or fast food. At this moment we understand that advertising to children is big business.

The fact that so many commercials on TV, online, in games targeted to children are for foods that are high in calories and low in nutritional value, makes the ethical problem even sharper. On the other side, hundreds of psychologists, marketing experts as well as corporate lawyers develop strategies, which make kids to want attractive “fun” products.

Elizabeth Telfer - Food for thought: Philosophy and Food (book summary)

We obviously all need food and water to survive.

But Elizabeth Telfer quickly hints to the fact that we also often eat only for the purpose of pleasure or as more or less a  freetime activity. This is strange because we normally spend our expense time with something we do not have to do.

She simply defines those activities as feeding and watering and by that introduces the topic of the first chapter:

"Feeding the Hungry"

Telfer says that those nations that die from hunger would never ask philosophical questions about food.

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