Wem gehört das Wasser

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The documentation “Wem gehört das Wasser” telecasted by the WDR discusses the handling and distribution of the water resources on earth. The documentation considers how the company Nestlé operates in different countries. Nestlé was chosen due to its global dimensions and is standing representative for many other big companies. In the selected countries, either the access of the population on drinking water is limited for example in Africa or there is a negative influence on the nature. In both cases it is also considered if the auctions are legal or against the law.

Unser täglich Brot

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Unser täglich Brot - Ein Film von Nikolaus Geyrhalter


Bilder sagen mehr als tausend Worte. Diese Metapher trifft auf die Dokumentation „unser täglich Brot“ voll und ganz zu. Es sind bewegende Bilder, die von den Produzenten genutzt werden – denn sie sollen zum Umdenken bewegen. Sprachliche Erklärungen sind nicht notwendig um den Handlungsbedarf aufzuzeigen. Die Bilder und teils die Geräusche, denen die Arbeiter ausgesetzt sind, sind Erklärung genug. Durch fehlende Kommentare ist es jedem möglich, sich selbst ein Bild davon zu machen, ohne sich von anderen Fakten ablenken zu lassen.

Inside Job - Documentary 2010

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Media Ethics

Guy Bruggemann



Summary of the documentary ‘Inside Job’.


Inside Job (2010)


Inside jobs tells the story off the financial crisis in the 00’s . It’s a documentary wich won many prices at filmfestivals. The documentary shows the corrupcy from banking systems mostly in the US. It shows as well the effects what this corrupt system has on society.


The documentary is set up in five different chapters. It all starts in Iceland, where banks got privatized. The change in politic systems was partly responsible for the collapse of the banks.


Taste the Waste

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Why do we throw away so much food?

And how can we stop this kind of waste?

One third of the food produces in the world for human consumption get lost or wasted every year. Only in EU is around 90 millions of food yearly thrown away.

Taste the waste is a documentary movie by german documentarist Valentin Thurn. The aim of the movie is to show vicious circle of the systematic production that leads to the food waste.

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