Bescheidenheit für eine neue Ökonomie

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Bescheidenheit für eine neue Ökonomie




Wir brauchen eine härtere Krise, dann wird es besser

Ethics in Finance

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Some cynics jokingly deny that there is any ethics in finance, especially on Wall Street. This view is expressed in a thin volume, The Complete Book of Wall Street Ethics, which claims to fill ” an empty space on financial bookshelves where a consideration of ethics should be.” Of course, the pages are all blank ! However, a moment’s reflection reveals that finance would be impossible without ethics.


CC-by-sa & literature
CC-by-sa & literature

 Wall Street Ethics. Millions of people worldwide are involved in trading almost $5.3 trillion per day at the market, but has anyone ever pondered over how much profit does the investment banks make? Let alone this, how much turnover do you actually make? Is it 50%? If yes, then you are outperforming the average profit of almost 76% of the traders worldwide. In this scenario if you realize that the bank initiating the investment is making 100% profit quarterly by trading your money, how would you feel? This is not fiction it’s based on facts. Do you feel cheated?

Inside Job - Documentary 2010

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Media Ethics

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Summary of the documentary ‘Inside Job’.


Inside Job (2010)


Inside jobs tells the story off the financial crisis in the 00’s . It’s a documentary wich won many prices at filmfestivals. The documentary shows the corrupcy from banking systems mostly in the US. It shows as well the effects what this corrupt system has on society.


The documentary is set up in five different chapters. It all starts in Iceland, where banks got privatized. The change in politic systems was partly responsible for the collapse of the banks.


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