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In our time the competition in the business is very strong. There are many different companies and a wide variety of products to choose from. In order to secure a safe place in the market, companies use different paths and diverse sale strategies. The companies often manipulate buyers. The illumination system is often used to make the products more attractive and colorful. This is particularly common in more expensive shops. The main types of lighting used in boutiques are: general illumination, accent illumination and decorative illumination. This lighting can make a customer feel more content and allows the products to stand out and appear somewhat idealistic.

Qualität kommt von Quälen

Ein Artikel zum Adbuster von pensan

Im Werbespot[# Der Werbespot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MW85ll3D7xk; letzter Aufruf: 15.05.2010] von KIK mit Verona Pooth wird mit dem Slogan „Qualität kommt von Quälen“ geworben. Damit kommen die Werbemacher der Realität eigentlich ziemlich nahe.

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