How Would You Like To Be Skinned?

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Every year tens and thousands of animals are being killed just for their hide all of this is just for the fashion world.  It is believed that these animals that are being killed for their hide are not being fairly treated, some has been skinned alive and some has been killed gruesomely. Did you know that to make one fur coat you must kill at least fifty-five wild mink? Or even thirty-five ranched mink, forty sables, eleven lynx, eighteen red foxes, eleven silver foxes, one hundred chinchillas, thirty Rex rabbits, nine beavers, thirty muskrats, fifteen bobcats, twenty-five skunks, fourteen otters, one hundred twenty-five ermines, thirty possums, one hundred squirrels, or twenty-seven raccoons.


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The documentary Blackfish covers the life of Tilikum, an orca whale held by SeaWorld. This documentary brings to question the ethics of holding animals in captivity, and the ethics of the corporation in charge.
SeaWorld captured Tilikum from the wild when he was a baby, took him from his mother, and has held him at their location in Orlando for much of his life. He has killed three trainers, and is now segregated from whales and humans alike for most of his life.

Our daily breakfast egg

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Animal welfare or cruelty? – It is our decision 

I chose this topic because it is an existing dilemma situation in our daily life and we are often faced with the choice, if money or animal welfare is more important for us. It is a decision between moral and greed. The image should encourage people to reflect on their actions and lead to a rethinking.

Prices of hen’s eggs are on the decrease and in some of the discounters you get ten for 99 cent. In order to establish themselves on the market the producers are forced to reduce their production costs. The consumer appreciates those bargains but the animals are the ones, which suffer from such dumping prices.

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