Plastic Paradise

The 20th century was shaped by a new world of cheap, convenient and disposable products. The lead, takes certainly the material called plastic. Scientists invented it and presented it as a perfect creation, because its indestructible. Particularly, it served the American army in the world war 2, when 85% of the plastic production was made for the military.

Nowadays you are often confronted with terms like “plastic islands” in the ocean. Nobody knows how they look like nor where they are – but does this problem even exist?

Communicating Sustainability in Social Media

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The past decade the business world has been changing it’s way when it comes to communication and social environment.

Businesses in Sustainability are companies changing their way for a healthy better environment and better policies then before. It addresses three main factors of the company’s financial, social and environmental risk. This helps business owners have a platform to understand what is best and worst for their business.

Ethify Values

The Ethify Value Set

nine ethify values People live along different values. The more diverse the more tolerance we need to invest to get along. Historically, there have been repeated attempts to teach values, by fiat, conventions and basic laws.

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