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CC-by-sa & velocity
CC-by-sa & velocity

With our project would like to point out, that bicycling is much better than driving a car. Here are just a few examples:

  • You don’t get stuck in a traffic jam
  • You are outdoor and get some fresh air
  • You do something for your health
  • You do something for your shape
  • ...

We designed some signs, that can be attached under the saddle of the bike. Our target group are people, who are interested in taking care of the environment and also want to stir the so-called CO2-Villains. For the project it was very important for us, that our target group is able to adjust the signs in an easy way and furthermore in a cheap way.

The Design

Der "Radsack" - Die Message an Autofahrer

Der “Radsack” ist eine Kampagne, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, Autofahrer auf Ihre CO2 Ausstoße aufmerksam zu machen und gleichzeitig dem Fahrradfahrer eine praktische Tragehilfe bietet. Der Radsack ist eine kurze und witzige Botschaft an den Autofahrer um nachhaltiger zu leben.
Mit 0 CO2 zum einkaufen und wieviel verbreitest du?

Cars kill 4000 daily

1,24 million people are killed every year worldwide in traffic accidents. That's more than in all wars together.

Click on image to view hi-resoultion PDF or download below. Print and post it, preferably large scale, so that you can count the coffins.

I BIKE TO.....

Helping the planet, living in a better world, we are all responsible for making this happen.
We may think we can't do a lot for this to happen, but we can all do our part.

Using a bycicle as your ride its a way of helping the planet and helping you. With this proyect what we are looking for is to invite more people to join the cycling community. And who better to invite the people to join the cycling community than the people who already use bikes.

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