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Photograph: Björn Lexius

Ein viel beachtetes Projekt aus Hamburg stellt Fahrradkultur aus. Und zwar als Bildband im Internet und auch gedruckt. Über Startnext konnten die Produktionskosten von 15.000 Euro finanziert werden, der Bildband 2014 ist leider schon ausverkauft.

An diesem Projekt zeigt sich, was gute Fotografie kommunizieren kann: Lebenslust und Spass ohne erhobenen Zeigefinger.


Wherefrom do I get my food?

CC-by-sa ethify.org & dilemma

Buy salad in a discounter or at the farmer?



The food prices are very cheap in Germany, in the EU  Germany is on the tenth place.  Altogether the  level of prices was 1,8 percent above the average of 27 countries of the EU.  Amongst others you can buy lettuce already for 9 cent per piece.  So where do I get my salad from? 


nut graf:


Inside Job - Documentary 2010

CC-by-sa ethify.org & dilemma

Hey Leute, 

Media Ethics

Guy Bruggemann



Summary of the documentary ‘Inside Job’.


Inside Job (2010)


Inside jobs tells the story off the financial crisis in the 00’s . It’s a documentary wich won many prices at filmfestivals. The documentary shows the corrupcy from banking systems mostly in the US. It shows as well the effects what this corrupt system has on society.



ISO 26000 Standard - Social responsibility

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The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an organization that develops voluntary International Standards. Since 1947 they published more than 19500 International Standards. These standards give state of the art specifications for products, services and good practice. And they are covering almost all aspects of technology and business.


The story of stuff

CC-by-sa ethify.org & dilemma

Verónica Alfaro

Media Ethics / Summer semester 2014


Story of stuff is a web documental by Anine Leonard released in 2007. The main questions in discussion are: Where do products come from, and where do they go when people throw them away? Why people get an obsession with products, it doesn’t matter if they really need them?

Every product follow a system called “The material’s economy”:

1.      Extraction

2.      Production

3.      Distribution

4.      Consumption

5.      Disposal



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