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The "Tage der Utopie" is a bi-annual festival on visions and practices of change. It takes place in Vorarlberg  since 2005 and invites thinkers and doers from various areas and regions. Nora Wilhelm was giving an inspiring workshop on May 1st 2021 on "Strategies of Change". She is a co-founder of Collaboratio Helvetica which mission is to create spaces for open dialogue, experimentation & collaboration "to co-create the Switzerland we want to live in".

In a frst round, the participants of the workshop  have been asked about chracteristics of power. We have been then looking into our own triggers, that may have been responsible to support change during a walk ("Gehspräch") with somebody not known before. One is talking 5 minutes, the other listening only, and then flip roles for another 5 minutes. 

As symptoms should never be treated with their causes, we've been looking into strategies for change.  Theory U, Art of Hosting or the Cynefin Framework have been mentioned as adequate methods to empower change communities. We learned that the complexity level may only allow to work in an agile manner, like from sprint to sprint in scrum.

In another exercise on impact loops we have been asked, what outer and inner work means to us: on a level of a person, a team, an organisation, a country or the world. We've concluded in our working group that inner work in teams and organisations is often facilitated with lots of alcohol in our regions: hiking, grill, after work events. As my profession is to build better virtual meeting places  I have started to sketch an extension of default presentation slides which are currently shipped with BigBlueButton, a very common video conferencing tool at schools, public administration or universities. The proposal shall also include a page that invites to reflect the origin of our motivation to change the world.  We hope to integrate improved standard slides in one of the next upgrades of fairteaching.

All course material has been published under a CC-by license, and so we re-publish them here.


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