Czech Dream

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Český sen / Czech dream

movie summary:

Czech Dream is the Czech documentary film, which premiered in February 2004.
The feature film about the preparation of an advertising campaign and opening hypermarket, which did not really exist.
The event was implemented by two film students, who hired an advertising agency to do a new advertising for new hypermarket called "Czech Dream" for them. They filmed and documented the whole preparation and conduct advertising campaigns and eventually crowd about 3,000 customers who came in Saturday, May 31, 2003 to a car park Letňany.

There hypermarket managers welcomed customers, cut the ribbon, security guards removed the metal barriers and people ran across the meadow to the backdrop of the front wall the hypermarket.
When, after the "opening" showed that it was just an student's film, the media began debate between two camps. One of them overwhelmingly criticized that project. The other one received that project like a kind of recession. The viewer eventually was able to get an idea, ​​how the advertising campaigns work.


- Which values did the author have in mind?

I think the most important mentioned value of this movie, was an overdone confidence of people in media and advertising companies.

- How can you apply such values in enterprises or organisations?

It's very hard question. Good advertising can earn a lot of money and attract a lot of customers, but on the other hand there should be a sensible compromise between " how is the product presented" and "how the product looks like in reality".

- Is there a typical ethical dilemma situation? How is it solved?

Yes. Authors of that project had to solve ethical dilemma, whether the fake advertising in that huge range is morally correct, or not. After all they decided to complete this project.