In our modern world nothing is for free. Money fills your stomach, money buys education and money defines your social life. What can we do against this world wide domination of money?

Obviously we can't just get rid of all the coins and banknotes, although it is very tempting, but we can get together an think of other ways to exchange services.

This is where FREE BIKE kicks in: It is an initiative to give old and forgotten bicycles a new use.


The Idea behind it is to motivate people, who can't or just won't use their bikes anymore, to share them with everybody. So people in need of a bike can take it and ride it as long as they want.

This person in need could use it to get to his appointment in time or to bring his groceries home.

It is easy to know which bikes are FREE BIKEs because we use a simple sign. Some kind of ISO-tape wrapped around the the wheels will identify it as a part of this initiative.

Also provided by the initiative is a sticker you can download here and print yourself. This sticker is used as a further identification and also a reminder of what this bike is for. It is shown in the symbols of creative commons.


  • Share Alike - you used the bike for free and in working condition, please make sure the next user can do the same.
  • Attribution - this is a FREE BIKE do not remove the tape or the sticker.
  • Non-Commercial - nobody is allowed to rent or sell this bike. It is owned by everybody.


This is a very optimistic approach and it depends a lot on the good will and honesty of people.

Nevertheless I am sure this will work, because we are all responsible citizens.

It is just a small step in the right direction against the overwhelming power of money, but by sharing and caring for each other we can do great things. Let's give this cold capitalistic world a warm an pulsating heart.