How Would You Like To Be Skinned?

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Every year tens and thousands of animals are being killed just for their hide all of this is just for the fashion world.  It is believed that these animals that are being killed for their hide are not being fairly treated, some has been skinned alive and some has been killed gruesomely. Did you know that to make one fur coat you must kill at least fifty-five wild mink? Or even thirty-five ranched mink, forty sables, eleven lynx, eighteen red foxes, eleven silver foxes, one hundred chinchillas, thirty Rex rabbits, nine beavers, thirty muskrats, fifteen bobcats, twenty-five skunks, fourteen otters, one hundred twenty-five ermines, thirty possums, one hundred squirrels, or twenty-seven raccoons.

The price of fur is not measured in dollars but it’s measured in deaths.

These animals that are killed for their skins suffered immensely, before they’re killed they are put in cramped cages suffering from the pain they’ve endured after being captured. Some of these animals would be bludgeoned suffocated, anally or vaginally electrocuted, nailed to trees or skinned alive. Or they would either be skinned alive and left for death. For instance like snakes they would be nailed to the trees and get skinned alive and left for death because of their slow metabolism it would take them hours before they die.

Why do these poor animals have to suffer for the sake of fashion? I know, you’d probably be saying something like “but we eat animals too, so why can’t we use them for fashion also?” Well they’re not only slaughtering animals like cows for their hide but they’re also slaughtering exotic animals for their hide and these exotic animals is what that is most important. Exotic animals are hard to come by and mostly they’re almost extinct to keep them alive they shouldn’t be killed just for fashion.

There are cases where skinning animals are an exception. Like the fur of possums, there are possum infestations going around because they’re being overpopulated and they’re going into the cities and towns being a nuisance they are being killed.

Besides the exceptional cases these other animals endure gruesome killings and
horrible death just for their skin, how would you like it to be skinned. Your skin, human skin for fashion, how would you like that? Would you like to be treated just like them?
Being probed, electrocuted, nailed to trees and being skinned alive then get thrown aside to be left for death? I don’t think anyone would like that. If there was this alternate universe that animals are the humans and we as humans are the animals. They would skin us to wear us. Just think, if you would like to be treated like them and then get worn as clothes or be made into bags.

By Weng Mee Tang