Incest of Trump and Ivanka scandal

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Our new 45th president is taking headlines again but not for issues with the Russians or fighting a case with the FBI but a scandal that Trump is having secret relationship with his oldest daughter Ivanka.

Ivanka has been by her dad side since he started his campaign to run for presidency. She is Trump right hand when he needs anything she will get the job done. Ivanka is very close with her father but how close?

Since her father has been winning all states and is now the 45th president of the United States she decided not to be much importance to the white house but to focus on her family and career. Even though her clothing line “Ivanka Trump” has now lost its connection with Nordstrom that lead to her clothing line to not be continued any further. Ivanka has sacrificed a lot for her father, which makes them even closer. Too close her baby bump shows it all.

Ivanka has no time to be a wife to her former husband Jared Kushner. She is putting her dad first and personal life to the side to make sure she assists the president before anyone. The scandal started out that Ivanka and Kushner never really had time for each other so seeing that she is pregnant has people questioning if she hasn’t been loyal to her husband. Ivanka works hard, and that means no rest, even when she is almost due anytime. During Trump campaign in New Hampshire he thanked his 8 month pregnant daughter for stopping at 7 polling areas to get him the extra wins. “He turned to look at his daughter and put his hand on her shoulder as he praised her efforts.
'And Ivanka, she was out,' he said. 'She made seven stops today at the polling areas - so very, very special.'

Trump shows more respect to his daughter then his own wife Melania. Ivanka is always by her father side and the baby belly as well. Trump is already making plans for the future baby and what he will become when coming to this world. The relationship between Trump and Ivanka almost seem incest. Ivanka is not even sure if the baby belongs to her beloved husband or her biological father. A DNA test is still in questioning. Images show how close they are and showing that it doesn’t seem like a normal father and daughter relationship but more of husband and wife.

Social Media has already exploded with memes and annimation videos of the incest couple. Images show Ivanka as a kid sitting on Trump lap which gets the viewers very uncomfortable. There are lots of evidence that show incest is in there family. Just not sure when the truth will officially come out. Maybe when she decides to take the DNA test then rumors will finally be put to rest.

The journey of the Trump family will soon reveal the truth but until now the scandal of Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump is still in thy air.



Article by Beza Daniel May 22, 2017