Show your support to cycling campaigns

CC-by-sa & velocity
CC-by-sa & velocity

There are several different cycling campaigns going on all over the world all the time. Campaign's idea is to make people to cycle instead of using cars or other polluting vehicles. Usually the organizer of the event is a town or city, company, sports team or other public community. The main idea is good and simple, but the problem is how to reach all the people over the target group and advert the campaign through the campaign time. The attendees and the target group members don't use the same routes or even travel at the same time, so it's hard to reach everybody within large area.


So why don't we advertise the campaign using the attendees who show their good example for the other people by attending the campaign. Every attendee will receive an advert that they are supposed to attach to their bike. The advert must be simple and clear, so that the other people can read it even when they are just passing by the cyclist. Advert should also be interesting and raise positive feelings. It also should be able to take rain and other weather conditions and it must be easy to attach to the bike.


When people are continuously reminded about cycling campaigns by other normal people, they may feel urge to participate also. The more adverts there are for the campaign, the more new attendees there will be. No matter if the cause of joining is community pressure, pure interest for saving the nature or urge to be part of a good deed, it is always worth of showing your support to the campaign by attaching the advert in to your own bike also.