Summary Food, Inc

0-15 minutes
In 1970 therer were a lot of famers that procduced in their own way. Only a small part from the meat buisness was regulated by 4/5 big companies. In time the big companies got more and more influence and possesed more of the market. Because the companies want to sell the same meat in every store the farmes need to produce exactly the same meat.

The brothers mac donald came with a brilliant idea; fastfood. They started with a small drive through were people could get food. After a succesfull time they changed the game and got rid of a a lot of food on the menu and a lot of employers. So they could make the proces faster (fastfood) to let the restaurant work like a factory with a lot of people who do simple mass production jobs.

Farmers get a contract with a big company, and that company decides on how you produce your meat. Through different antibiotic and other chemical subtances the animals are growing a lot faster and very unnatural. Because farmers get a contract with a big company they get a loan to build big farmhouses and because of that loan they need to keep working with the companies and the production gets higher and higher.

The companies don’t want that you to know the process of how your meat is really produced, and forbids farmers to talk to anyone about how it really works. And if you do your contract gets pulled back and you lose your job.


15-30 minutes
The biggest part of the food industrie is mais, in almost every product you find a part of corn. Corn is cheap and easy to mass produce. Scientist can transform corn in to a lot of different products. 90% of the supermarkt products will have some kind of Corn or Soja in it.

This occurred by farmers who were produces a lot of corn and were paid for each Kilo, that’s why the government decided that if it’s there we will use it.

Corn is also used to feed animals like cows, pigs and even fish eat corn nowadays. Because normally cows eat grass and now corn their body can produce a acid that creates E-coli a for human deadly acid. When the cow comes in a slaugther house it wil get mashed into for example hamburgers. In 1 hour there will be slaughted 400 cows. And in one hamburger there will be pieces of thousands of different cows. And if one cow was carrying the disease it will be spread in a lot of hamburgers.

Every few years tons of meat has to be returned because of E-coli.  A 2 year old boy died of eating hamburgers and died within 12 days. His mum now fight for foodsafety, because we suspect that the government protects of but a lot of time it’s not enough.

30-45 minutes
Instead of look where to problem of E-coli started they are looking for how to fix it afterwards. There is one company raising now that has some chemical that gets rid of E-coli. Afterwards the meat doesn’t look like meat anymore, but they say that it doesn’t matter because they got rid of E-coli.

Afterwards they follow a family that shows how hard it is to eat healthy. If you want to buy lettuce you pay the same as a dollar menu at mac donalds. So for a family that doesn’t earn much it’s easier to choose for something bad that fills their stummage than something healthy that is more expensive and they are still hungry afterwards. It’s hard to understand that there is such a big difference between healthy and unhealthy food with the same ingredients. And this is all because the unhealthy product get the most funding.  A lot of children get diabetes at a young age this is only something from the last years. It used to be only for adults. 1 in 3 americans born after 2000 will contract early onset diabetes.

Farming is the last years only for faster, fatter, bigger and cheaper. No one is thinking about health and diseases. There are farmers who do it the old way with cows outside and do their own slaugther, they sell it on the market, it is way more expensive than mac donalds but it is way better. They are not fed corn and cowshit and they don’t use chemicals. Some farmers got almost shut down because they work “unhealthy” because they work outside. But out of tests they figured that is way better than the meat from the supermarket.