Political Tensions Rise with New Funding Given to NASA to Explore Exoplanet

News that a new exoplanet within reach of humans within a few hundred years has rocked society. With the new US budget increasing the funding of NASA drastically from $649 million to $1.2 billion has caused numerous groups to question the motives behind the US government. Many people are questioning why so much money has been cut from welfare such as youth homelessness and the disabled pension to fund this new venture.

NASA has said that the new boost in funding will allow them to engineer intergalactic starships that will allow humans to travel and colonise the ‘new earth’.

“We are entering a new age of human existence as we begin to seriously explore the stars around us” stated chief engineer at NASA Jeff Gould. “with peoples lack of empathy for mother earth - polluting and destroying natural resources and lack of enthusiasm for adapting to solar power technologies we have no other choice for human survival other than exploring new planets - it is too late now to turn back on mans poor industrial choices of the past. The best thing we can do it to move forward and adapt”

This particular statement has sparked outrage from the Greens party of whom agree with that statement that “people have been less than excited to adapt to solar technology innovations” however Greens Leader Jill Stein states that “it is ridiculous that human beings think that the solution to pollution is to just continue current practices and just leave to colonise elsewhere”

Cassini-53, the probe that will be landing and testing the planets surface to confirm it’s validity as a new home for humans is currently 19 years away from reaching the planet, which is then said to determine future plans for exploration.



- Lucinda Kearney