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Business ethics – case studies and selected readings (Marianne M. Jennings)

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In this sixth edition of the book the author, who also wrote The Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse, compiled and analysed 116 case studies, while also provided a further information about the topic in selected readings. The topics inspect the relations between corporations, public, governments, as well as employees and employer dynamics. Author also supplies discussion questions after each case study, to make reader truly consider the situation.


Why Managers Make Bad Decision

Why managers make a bad ethical choices? They try to do get more customers, make more profit and being a best manager. They believe that the activity is within reasonable ethical and legal limits – thats not “ really ” illegal or immoral. There is a line between right and wrong. In this line you are between your conscience and the corporation's benefit. In the business game if you want to be a winner you must be playing like a winner.


European Business

European Business, fourth edition

European Business is a book written by Simon Mercado, Richard Welford and Kate Prescott. Their aim is to raise the key issues facing European business today and to evaluate some of the strategic and operational responses to European’s evolving environment. Authors seem to be positive towards changes in European Union’s market. They believe that operational flexibility and innovation could be important to the future development and competitiveness of European companies. They also emphasise how crucial is to take account of cultural nuances in order to avoid expensive mistakes.


The Business of Europe is Politics. Business Opportunity, Economic Nationalism and the Decaying Atlantic Alliance

The Business of Europe is Politics

“The Business of Europe is Politics” by  Dimitris N. Chorafas, is a book that describes the particular nature of the European mixture of business and politics, it explains how that mix influences trade and relationships between continental Europe and the UK with USA, Russia and Asia. Dr Chorafas explains and heavily critiques organization and practices of European Union, conflicting interests in the Europe and its lack of any business plan.


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