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The author has different take on the values represented in our society. In the book, the author has written about a lot of theories. According to the Divine Command Theory, the resolution of the dilemmas is based upon religious beliefs. Ethical dilemmas are resolved according to tenets of faith, such as the Ten Commandments for the Jewish and  Christian faiths. Central to this theory is that decisions in ethical dilemmas are made on the basis of guidance from a divine being.


Wem gehört das Wasser

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The documentation “Wem gehört das Wasser” telecasted by the WDR discusses the handling and distribution of the water resources on earth. The documentation considers how the company Nestlé operates in different countries. Nestlé was chosen due to its global dimensions and is standing representative for many other big companies. In the selected countries, either the access of the population on drinking water is limited for example in Africa or there is a negative influence on the nature. In both cases it is also considered if the auctions are legal or against the law.


Grundlagen der Unternehmensethik

Das Buch „Grundlagen der Unternehmensethik“ von Horst Steinmann und Albert Löhr behandelt das Thema Ethik in Unternehmen. Dabei wird herausgearbeitet welche verschiedenen Ethik-Ansätze es in Unternehmen geben kann und wie Ethik in einem Unternehmen und den unterschiedlichen Unternehmensbereichen angewandt werden.

Was mir jedoch besonders gefallen hat sind die Beispiele von Ethik aus der Praxis.



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