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As the topic „meat“ is highly discussed and gets more attention year by year it is a good chance to start an awareness campaign. It gets more important for consumers to know specificly what kind of meat they eat, where it is from and if it is moraly eatable.
Through different aspects within this topic, „Help your meat“ started to look more closely and therefore is sure this campaign supports these certain aspects.

There are certain questions to think about:

. Where does my meat come from?
. Is there enough space for the animals?

Geraubte Ernte - Vandana Shiva, zusammengefasst von Cornelia Baumgartner

Geraubte Ernte (Stolen Harvest) - Vandana Shiva

For a long time now, we are able to buy nearly all sorts of fruit, fish, meat in our supermarkets, imported from other countries. Good for us, but really bad for the native farmers. They are the ones, who have to exist against low-cost groups of companies.

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