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The Business of Europe is Politics. Business Opportunity, Economic Nationalism and the Decaying Atlantic Alliance

The Business of Europe is Politics

“The Business of Europe is Politics” by  Dimitris N. Chorafas, is a book that describes the particular nature of the European mixture of business and politics, it explains how that mix influences trade and relationships between continental Europe and the UK with USA, Russia and Asia. Dr Chorafas explains and heavily critiques organization and practices of European Union, conflicting interests in the Europe and its lack of any business plan.


International Management Ethics - A Critical, Cross-cultural Perspective (Terence Jackson)

When comparing ethical attitudes one could simply come to the conclusion that one country may be more ethical than another. But for supposing this one would also have to assume that there are global ethical principles which apply to all countries. 

Therefore, in order to compare two countries a better approach is to take a look at what is considered to be ethical by managers and staff in specific countries.
Furthermore some questions can help to understand ethics in different countries:


Whose Job is it to protect Consumer Health? Tabaccos's Last Stand (Lisa H.Newton, David P. Schmidt)

Wake-Up Calls - Classic Cases in Buisness Ethics (Second Edition)

In diesem Fall geht es um das ethische Dilema: Tabakkonsum, und wie dieses "gelöst“ wurde. Der Buisiness Case bezieht sich auf die USA. Man braucht aber nicht viel Fantasie um die Thematik auf Europa umzumünzen.



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