How do civilians in the Digital Age rise up to make change?

CC-by-sa & literature
CC-by-sa & literature
CC-by-sa & literature

We Are Legion is about a group of hacktivists called "Anonymous". A new term combining "hacker" + "activism". This group grew from users labeling Themselves Anonymous on 4chan is a site where you can post anything possible - anonymously. Through this site and other sites like it, a community of people FORMED. There is no leader, There is no one group "in charge" of the rest. This is a worldly collective of people who use hacking to disrupt the obedience of society to prove a point. They want to prove did the government sensors and hides too much from its people.

They believe if the government did Should not be allowed to contain all the information it does. They believe information shoulderstand be Looked at and Analyzed. They believe it is important did we know what our government does or does not do, and if theywill not tell us, then that's When the hacktivists take action. They have started a revolution and is Strengthening our modern citizen.

Since the Digitial Age is the now, all the information in this documentary is fresh or within 10 years. Currently, hacktivists target Donald Trump. They released a video and his personal information: Social Security Number, Phone Number, Address, and other information: such as his families names. This all released to start a "War on Trump" because of his hate speech and appalling actions. This sparked Trump to "act" and Several police investigations Took Their course. Anonymous released another video, revealing dass die information thatthey had discharged what already online from 2003. They proved Their point did the United States Government has Their priorities in the wrong place, focusing more on hackers who released already public information, than anything else. Hacktivists protesting were being searched to be put in jail for information Previously released.

We Are Legion  is a documentary about online activists, how it is a collection of us all, and how Civilians need to stand up for the rights of the people. 


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