Eating Animals

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My summery is about vegetarianism. I'm not a vegetarian myself, but I'm very interested in the topic of eating less meat to save the world. Unfortunatly only the first few chapters were available for me, so I did my summary about the first two chapters. 

Eating Animals

- Chapter1 - The Fruits of Family Trees
This first chapter of this book is about the author himself. He tells the reader about how his grandmother survived the war, but she had to fight to stay alive from malnutrition. That made her very concious about food. No foods are bad for you. The grandmother build her hole existence around food.

- Chapter2 - Possible Again
After the author finds out he is going to be a father, he all of the sudden starts to better his life. He tells the reader that his soon to be fatherhood was the impuls to start writing this book. He talks about how animals have always been in his life. He was thought to not hurt any animal. He had this babysitter who told him and his brother about the chickens they were eating one day. She told them what happens to chickens, and at that point he had a "how-in-the-world-could-i-have-never-thought-of-that-before-and-why-on-earth-didn't-someone-tell-me?" moment. His vegetarianism lasted a few days, before it quietly died. Mark Twain once said quitting smoking is one of the easiest things to do; he did it all the time. The author wants to add vegetarianism to that list of easy things. When the author got married they decided that stopping with eating animals was a good start to better their lives. But he found it really hard to stay a vegetarian because he didnt know how animals lived/farmed and how they were killed. And he didnt feel the rush to sort it out. But now with the baby on the way, it was a different story.

Then when the baby was born, the author called his grandmother. The first thing she asked what the baby's weight was.

One friend told him that everything is possible again. The author realised he can tell every story again, or choose to tell different stories. The world itself had another chance.


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