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Unique business concepts

Particular ways to be successful all over the world
How to be successful? Is a sympathetic image enough to be effective?

There are many companies which have a long history. Mostly all of them had to fight with ups and downs. Some of them were able to struggle through the hard times. But actually there are companies what had proved that it’s possible to achieve year for year a constantly or plus earning.


COWSPIRACY – Das Geheimnis der Nachhaltigkeit.

Die Welt steht inmitten einer ökologischen Krise. Laut Klimaforscher stehen wir kurz vor dem größten Artensterben, das die Erde seit dem Verschwinden der Dinosaurier erlebt hat. Das sichere Emissionslevel von CO2 und anderen Treibhausgasen in der Atmosphäre wurde bereits um über 10% überschritten. Alleine ein Anstieg der Temperatur von nur 2°C hätte drastische Folgen für unseren Planeten – Dürren, Hungersnöte, Klimakriege, Massensterben und ein ansteigender Wasserspiegel wären die Folge.


Super Size Me

Super Size Me is the brainchild of Morgan Spurlock and the concept of the documentary is: Eat nothing but McDonald’s food for 30 days. So that means, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Morgan Spurlock will have had to have eaten every single menu item at least once and if he is asked by the cherck if he would like the super sized meal, he has to say yes. He wants to have a similar life of those who eat a lot of fast food, he will not do any exercise in those 30 days and he limited himself to walk under 5000 steps per  day


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