Interview with Jorne Schamp, creator of the hoax “Cattles on strike against preventive antibiotics”

After two and a half weeks in hospital finally get sacked and then find out that you have a hospital bacteria. That’s what happened to Jorne Schamp. This situation gave him the idea to make an exhibit for the ADC fieldwork. The question that he had was why do we use so many antibiotics when it could be dangerous for our health.

The cattle that we use for our meat usually gets a lot of preventative antibiotics injected. These antibiotics get in our food (the meat) and are bad for our health. Because we have antibiotics in our body the bacteria gets immune for the antibiotic, explains Jorne.  He experienced it. He now has the MRSA bacteria, which is harmlessas long as he is healthy. It’s immune to most antibiotics. This was the reasonfor him to exhibit it.

Jorne wants to get attention for this problem with this exhibit andthatpeople get conscious about the unnecessary use of  antibiotics in farms. It islargely used toprevent the cattle’s for diseases. Recently, 40 people died because of the EHEC bacteria.This developmentscareshim.

The exhibit is a hoax newspaper article that says that the cattled are on strike. He tried to get attention for this problem in a funny way.What happens when more and more dangerous bacterias get immune for antibiotics? Ask yourself this question the next time you eat meat with antibiotics in it.