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Political Tensions Rise with New Funding Given to NASA to Explore Exoplanet

News that a new exoplanet within reach of humans within a few hundred years has rocked society. With the new US budget increasing the funding of NASA drastically from $649 million to $1.2 billion has caused numerous groups to question the motives behind the US government. Many people are questioning why so much money has been cut from welfare such as youth homelessness and the disabled pension to fund this new venture.

NASA has said that the new boost in funding will allow them to engineer intergalactic starships that will allow humans to travel and colonise the ‘new earth’.


The True Cost (2015)

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“The world now consumes about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year. This is 400% more than the amount we consumed just two decades ago. “ The True Cost examines the real cost of fast fashion and garment production in the 21st century from a variety of aspects, these include the environmental impact, the health and social impact upon workers, the economic reasons behind why these conditions are so common and the psychological reasons detailing how the consumer impacted the rise of fast fashion.

Worker Impact


Communicating Sustainability in Social Media

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The past decade the business world has been changing it’s way when it comes to communication and social environment.

Businesses in Sustainability are companies changing their way for a healthy better environment and better policies then before. It addresses three main factors of the company’s financial, social and environmental risk. This helps business owners have a platform to understand what is best and worst for their business.


Die drei Ökologien

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Félix Guattari beobachtet aus dem Blickwinkel eines Psychonalytikers das Weltgeschehen. In einem Text aus dem Jahre 1989 entwirft er das Konzept der Ökosophie - eine ethisch-politische Verbindung zwischen den drei ökologischen Bereichen von Umwelt, sozialen Beziehungen und menschlicher Subjektivität. Nur die Ökosophie sei in der Lage, aktuelle Herausforderungen zu meistern.

Auf Umweltkrisen wird es vor allem Antworten in planetarischem Massstab geben müssen.


Die Soziale Frage zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts

Lebenslagen im Sozialstaat
Wurde die soziale Frage durch Sicherstellung eines von Hunger und Kälte geschützten Lebens durch den Sozialstaat gelöst?
Der Autor Wolfgang Voges ist anderer Meinung.



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