New habitable planet found within closer distance than ever before

Surface Renderings of Maxima-724-g

by  Lucinda Kearney and Nora Kubiaczyk

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In an incredible partnership, NASA and the Russian space agency have collaborated their data to discover the presence of a new superterranean exoplanet that is said to have the necessary conditions to host or support forms of life.

‘Maxima-724-g’ orbits a red dwarf star inside of its habitable zone at 65 million km distance meaning the planet has the potential to support large oceans. Due to its size, the planet is most likely to have a rocky surface.

Österreichisches Gesundheitsministerium setzt Meilenstein in der Gesundheitsvorsorge für schulpflichtige Kinder

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Schulpflichtige Kinder erhalten tägliche notwendige Ration an Zigaretten zur Förderung der Konzentration und Regelung des Vitaminhaushaltes.

Welche Eltern kennen das Problem des Unkonzentriert seins ihrer Kinder nicht? Wie können Eltern den Energiebedarf ihrer Kinder decken?


Syoss Sued For Allegedly Making Women’s Hair Green

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Jasmine Marie and Bret Roothaert, CNN.

Hundreds of women are claiming that the popular Red Velvet hair product from Syoss has been causing their hair to turn a certain green color and damaging their scalps.

What kind of hair dye can we still trust after this scandal that Syoss has unleashed? Why did Syoss not call-back all of their products after the first complaints? On the 16th of May, 2017, CNN took the initiative and searched for the answers we are all looking for.


Innocent is not so innocent anymore

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Innocent, a former British brand which produces “healthy and natural” drinks has lost its name giving innocence. A couple of years ago, 90% of the company’s shares got bought up by the major beverage producer The Coca Cola Company. This now raises the question, if Innocent can still carry on with their brand promise without being influenced by the corporates heads at Coca Cola. It wouldn’t be the first time that Coca Cola bought up a successful, small business and changed their proven formula in order to cut costs and maximize profits while sacrificing the brand image.


Incest of Trump and Ivanka scandal

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Our new 45th president is taking headlines again but not for issues with the Russians or fighting a case with the FBI but a scandal that Trump is having secret relationship with his oldest daughter Ivanka.

Ivanka has been by her dad side since he started his campaign to run for presidency. She is Trump right hand when he needs anything she will get the job done. Ivanka is very close with her father but how close?



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