Sinkhole in Bregenz

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Sinkhole in Bregenz!

Due to a sinkhole 2 dogs died.

Sinkhole caused by ÖMV kills 2 dogs.

Due to a fault caused by ÖMV a sinkhole appeared just outside the center of Bregenz. During that time a man was walking his 2 dogs and they both fell in the sinkhole.

Herman: “I’m furious at ÖMV because those assholes knew that this was coming and did nothing about it. The death of my 2 sweet dogs is their fault!”


Political Tensions Rise with New Funding Given to NASA to Explore Exoplanet

News that a new exoplanet within reach of humans within a few hundred years has rocked society. With the new US budget increasing the funding of NASA drastically from $649 million to $1.2 billion has caused numerous groups to question the motives behind the US government. Many people are questioning why so much money has been cut from welfare such as youth homelessness and the disabled pension to fund this new venture.

NASA has said that the new boost in funding will allow them to engineer intergalactic starships that will allow humans to travel and colonise the ‘new earth’.


Europe launches graphic images on alcohol packages

CC-by-sa & dilemma

Following the recent launch of pictures on tobacco packages, would it be a surprise that the graphic images visualizing the horrifying impacts of the substance would also appear on alcohol, a similar –if not more so - addictive drug?

We decided to get to the bottom of this. In an attempt to create a credible fake news story, we drafted a newspaper article that features the introduction of graphic images on alcohol packages in Europe.

New habitable planet found within closer distance than ever before

Surface Renderings of Maxima-724-g

by  Lucinda Kearney and Nora Kubiaczyk

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In an incredible partnership, NASA and the Russian space agency have collaborated their data to discover the presence of a new superterranean exoplanet that is said to have the necessary conditions to host or support forms of life.

‘Maxima-724-g’ orbits a red dwarf star inside of its habitable zone at 65 million km distance meaning the planet has the potential to support large oceans. Due to its size, the planet is most likely to have a rocky surface.


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