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In our modern world nothing is for free. Money fills your stomach, money buys education and money defines your social life. What can we do against this world wide domination of money?

Obviously we can't just get rid of all the coins and banknotes, although it is very tempting, but we can get together an think of other ways to exchange services.


The traffic sign campaign

Die "traffic sign campaign" befasst sich mit dem allgegenwertigen Problemen, die von Kraftfahrzeugen verursacht werden und wie sich diese auf die Umwelt/Mitmenschen auswirken. Insbesondere die CO²-Emission stellt ein enormes Problem für uns alle dar. Um einen nachhaltigen Gedanken  in den Köpfen der Menschen zu pflanzen, hat die Kampagne das Hauptaugenmerk auf den Vergleich von Fahrrad und Kraftfahrzeugen gerichtet.


Project Codename: BURST

Most people in our generation have the same addiciton: driving cars. It is something that we do without thinking; a habit that it seems we cannot control. We don't care about the consequences, even though most of us are aware of the damages that car emissions have on our environment. 

I BIKE TO.....

Helping the planet, living in a better world, we are all responsible for making this happen.
We may think we can't do a lot for this to happen, but we can all do our part.

Using a bycicle as your ride its a way of helping the planet and helping you. With this proyect what we are looking for is to invite more people to join the cycling community. And who better to invite the people to join the cycling community than the people who already use bikes.



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