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Over 7000 new Teeniemothers are there in Germany every year.

Yesterday teddy bear in their arms, today they are mothers. Also nowadays in our well sexual-explained times teeniepregnancies are not rare. Since five years the booming tendency is stopped, but we can also not speak from a reduction.

A study about this topic from “pro familia” and the Institute of sexual research from the University Hamburg in Germany says, that nowadays more and more of the 15 to 20 years old girls become pregnant - that means currently round 3 percent of all girls less than 20 years in Germany. (Is the girl less than 20 years, we speak from a teeniepregnancy)

Also the analysis turned out, that girls from the lower class are five times more pregnant than girls with parents from the middle or upper class. The girls from the lower class mostly have no desire for school, because they think, that after it, they get anyway no job – like their parents maybe. And so, when they know, that they are pregnant, they like the idea of getting a baby. With a baby they have something to be proud of, something by their own to create their own happy world.

Now the question is: Why? Why all these young girls get children that early?
Maybe the answer is much more simple as we think. A third of the young mothers had not prevent or where careless with the prevention. Furthermore only a little number of them knows much about their own body for example when are the fruitful days. Also only every twice girl knows the pill after.

There are so many questions about this topic, but I think also not the teeniemothers itself can give us really an answer. The biggest problem, when kids get kids, is, that they ALREADY ARE kids. I think, they don’t know, what is approach to them.

Teenager even need time to tire and found their position in the world, collect experience. This all are things, which parents have to give their kids away. The psyche and the social contacts are suffering because they have to less time to get all the experiences other teenager in their age do.

My opinion is, that many of the pregnant girls don’t have a chance to grow up like normal girls. They have a very big responsibility very early. And because of this they can’t collect experiences like other kids in their age. Go out like other girls. Also a big problem, I think, is, that many of the boys, the little teeniefathers, are thinking, yes I’m not the mother I can go and have party. Maybe they leave the teeniemothers actually. Often they abstract themselves the problem.

Whereupon I’m a little bit cleaved. I choose this topic of dilemma situation because the sister of my friend has a baby since october. She lives with her boyfriend, the father of the child, in a little flat and is very happy. She is going to finish her education in september this year and her boyfriend has already completed his training and is working now in a big company. They are both only 19 years old. But anyway they are very good parents. Also the grandparents of the baby – they are helping the young parents like they can. I think this is a very big alleviation.

I think it depends on the person itself how they handle the situation. But maybe it also depends on the parents of the little pregnant girls, because as many aid they get as better they can handle the complicated situation.

But I think the biggest problem is, that if the girls can’t manage the pregnancy and the upbringing of the little baby, why however – even a very little human is suffering.


From Stefanie Amann