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Thank You For Smoking (2005) Review

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Thank You For Smoking is 2005 satire/comedy from Director Jason Reitman starring Aaron Eckhart as Nick Naylor, the top Lobbyist of the Tobacco-Industry. It starts with a American talk show where Robin, a 15 year old cancer patient, is brought in as an example of how dangerous cigarettes can be. On the one side we have the President Of Mothers Against Teen Smoking, The Chairwoman of the Lung Association and a Top Aide from Health and Human Services, on the other side however, sits Nick Naylor.


Whose Job is it to protect Consumer Health? Tabaccos's Last Stand (Lisa H.Newton, David P. Schmidt)

Wake-Up Calls - Classic Cases in Buisness Ethics (Second Edition)

In diesem Fall geht es um das ethische Dilema: Tabakkonsum, und wie dieses "gelöst“ wurde. Der Buisiness Case bezieht sich auf die USA. Man braucht aber nicht viel Fantasie um die Thematik auf Europa umzumünzen.


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