As the topic „meat“ is highly discussed and gets more attention year by year it is a good chance to start an awareness campaign. It gets more important for consumers to know specificly what kind of meat they eat, where it is from and if it is moraly eatable.
Through different aspects within this topic, „Help your meat“ started to look more closely and therefore is sure this campaign supports these certain aspects.

There are certain questions to think about:

. Where does my meat come from?
. Is there enough space for the animals?
. Are they well treated?

So, what is important for consumers like you?
Exactly, you have to SCREEN these aspects in terms of your meat.
Furthermore, you want to have CLEAN meat, without any antibiotics or other ingredients.
To sum it all up, your meat should be GREEN, meaning that you can be certain about the origin, the right treatment, the further processing and that the animal had a good life, before it acutally touched down your stomach.

You certainly have all seen these disgusting pictures of mass production, you´ve read a lot of articles and seen different documentaries. So you´re actually well informed of what´s going on?
„Help your meat“ explains, that consumers have been dulled through all this information.
 Therefore, this campaign has been created.

On the one hand to:
. make people think about this important topic AGAIN and AGAIN
. make people do some research about the consumed meat
. make people being more sensitive with this topic

On the other to:
. decrease the consumption of meat to unsupport the mass production if it´s too expensive to buy meat with the SCREEN; CLEAN; GREEN; aspects.

Everyone is able to do something, so start right now!!!



. to be screened       .to be clean        .to have green