Save Your World!

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  Every country on the globe are using , fossil energy. Less, or more. With the development of technology, the ratio can be minimized. Renewable energy sources instead of fossil energy can be promoted.  What are the types of renewable energy and fossil energy? Why is renewable energy important? What can you do as a consumer?

  Coal, oil and natural gas are the three kinds of fossil fuels that we have mostly depended on for our energy needs, from home heating and electricity to fuel for our automobiles and mass transportation. The problem is fossil fuels are non-renewable.

 - Fossil fuels that cause climate change are the most dangerous fuel.
  - At coal plants causes mercury pollution. And mercury which gives serious damage to the human body and is a neurotoxin that can be passed from generation to generation.
 - It causes acid rain. Resulting in acid rain smog can destroy entire ecosystems.
 - Coal mining causes erosion.    

  This and that renewable energy sources can be used against many fossil fuel dangers. Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources—such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat—which are renewable (naturally replenished). Renewable energy technologies range from solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity/micro hydro, biomass and biofuels for transportation.

WIND ENERGY; natural, clean and has an infinitive power source is the sun. maintenance and operating costs are low. The raw material is completely domestic, foreign dependency is not created.

SUN ENERGY; solar energy, located at the core of the sun throught a process of fusion ( hydrogen into helium in gas ) is the energy released.

GEOTHERMAL ENERGY; it is the earth’s internal heat. There are three important components of geothermal resources:
-  heat source,
- heat –carrying fluid to the surface of the ground
- sufficient to provide the circulation of water permeability rocks.

 HYDROELECTRIC ENERGY; Hydroelectric power plants convert to electricity the power of flowing water. Hydroelectric power plants;
- obtains energy with renewable sources of water,
- does not create greenhouse gas emissions,
- no fuel costs,
- it is the most important renewable energy source that provide the economic and social development  in rural areas.

You can use renewable energy as an individual! In this way you can protect the world you live.