Ethify Values - Dylan Siebelink

Ethify Values

We live around many different values. It requires tolerance to get along. These Ethify values represent a reasonable lifestyle.

The basic prerequisite for a peaceful coexistence is justice. This prevents a lot of conflicts between people. Beside justice among people, we need justice for our environment. Thats why we need the value of prudence. When we are justified with our people and environment, we achieve a life in balance. To achieve your goals as an individual, you must live with ethical self-determination. This will make you self-righteous, happy with your own life and a role model for others. But your not alone in the world, this interaction among people must carry tolerance and kindness. All these actions, to live right, are to obtain satisfaction as an individual. It is important to pay attention to the things that will satisfy you. Are these the things you want? Or is this a desire from what commercials tell you? In order not to get blinded by all the impulses from the current future, we must train ourselves in patience and time to invest.

We must daily be patient with ourselves. But don’t forget that spontaneous joy and the ability to enjoy are also part of our happiness. Bad behavior is rarely intended. Paying attention to details will improve the quality of your judgement.