Cattles on strike against preventive antibiotics

“ We only stop when the farmers reduce the amount of antibiotics by 50 percent”

Cows demonstrating against the use of antibiotica. Picture: Morgan J. Eaton

In a press conference of yesterday (23 June 2011), Attila the Hen the spokeschicken of the action group “Cattle against Antibiotics” said that the cows, chickens and pigs are on a strike. They took this drastic decision because of the many Antibiotics injections the get. The antibiotics are in their whole body so also in the meat. Because of that, the cattle’s and the eaters of the meat can become resistant against antibiotics.  

The antibiotic immunity provides currently major problems with the MRSA and EHEC bacteria. The MRSA and EHEC bacteria are resistant against almost all antibiotics. It’s almost impossible to treat the victims of those bacteria’s. There were 3494 people infected with the EHEC bacteria on 23 of june. 40 of the infected people deceased. The number of infected people raises every day.

Berta 63, spokeswomen of the cows department explained why the cows are joining the strike. We cows are here to provide the people with quality milk and good and healthy meat. Because of the many antibiotics that we receive we cannot guarantee the quality. We do not want the meat eaters suffer from the many antibiotics that we receive. Therefore we take this action. The action only stops when the farmers reduce the amount of antibiotics by 50 percent.  We will continue the hunger strike till then and we will therefore lose weight and have less meat to sell. We want to make a clear message and are willing to continue this until the death.

The cows also organized a demonstration. They walked through the streets with cowbells to get attention. There were over 300 cows demonstrating. It was an noisy demonstration because of the cowbells and the mooing.

The Farmers do not want to give a reaction on the issue. All they want to say of the situation is that they hope the strike is over soon. For farmers, it’s waiting if the animals are willing to continue this action for a long time.

The farmers have other options than the use of antibiotics. The use of antibiotics is preventive against infections, diseases and it strengthens the growth. Something else that can be used preventively against infectious and diseases is garlic. Garlic is healthy and strengthens the immune system, making the animals less susceptible to disease. In the situation that there is a disease outbreak they still can use antibiotics. On several farms are already tests with the use of garlic instead of antibiotics. The results are positive so far. The only problem is that garlic is more expensive but it will benefit the health of animals and meat. Who is now unwilling to pay a little more for a healthy and not contaminated piece of meat?

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