Ethify Yourself

The book "Ethify Yourself" is about limits of growth and chances for change towards an ethical lifestyle.

All chapters are online. Some of them have been translated, others can be machine translated (choose Google translator at the left side after having selected a chapter):

A nine elements value system is guided by ethical and social science and human rights. Proposals for an ethical lifing style are covered by chapters on business, mobility, housing or food.
The book is also available as WebApp for the iPhone, iPad or Android platforms and as a facebook app. In 2012, the german version of the book has been re-designed for a nice printed book and a Wikibook. Based on open source principles you can link any content, copy or adapt it, as long as sources are mentioned.

The book is interactive and keeps growing. Roland Alton has compiled the first two editions. You can add your knowledge and be part of this innovative book publishing project. As soon as you register , you can comment, continue writing, translate or add pictures to one of the galleries.