Innocent is not so innocent anymore

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Innocent, a former British brand which produces “healthy and natural” drinks has lost its name giving innocence. A couple of years ago, 90% of the company’s shares got bought up by the major beverage producer The Coca Cola Company. This now raises the question, if Innocent can still carry on with their brand promise without being influenced by the corporates heads at Coca Cola. It wouldn’t be the first time that Coca Cola bought up a successful, small business and changed their proven formula in order to cut costs and maximize profits while sacrificing the brand image.

Being very skeptical about this company takeover, we took Innocent’s latest product line, “Juices” to test. In a very costly procedure we examined and analyzed all of the 5 different “Juice -flavors for their actual ingredients and origin.
The results were shocking, to say at least.

In 3 out of the 5 flavors, specifically “summer fruits”, “orange juice with bits” and “apple juice & elderflower” there was a significant amount of carcinogenic artificial sweeteners mixed with traditional industrial sugars. But what’s even more baffling is the lack of some ingredients rather than hidden ones.
Although they are marketed as “100% real fruit juices”, there are only traces of juice concentrate mixed with corn syrup and different kinds of flavor enhancers instead of actual fruits. We found barely any vitamins or micronutrients which once were the flagship of Innocent. A very concerning development for the supposedly healthy juice producer. 

We tried to contact The Coca Cola Company for a public statement but haven’t gotten an answer yet.
Let’s hope that this article helps to spread the truth about the silent takeover from Coca Cola and the change of the once healthy Innocent formula which is everything but innocent now.