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Die Klimakatastrophe: Ein großes Problem mit unbequemer Lösung

Die Erde, vom Mond aus fotografiert. (Quelle: NASA)

von Robert Oetting, Mail: robo.oe[benötigtesZeichen]

But we are running out of time. There is now overwhelming
scientific evidence that humanity poses such pressures on
Earth that we can no longer exclude destabilizing the entire
Earth system, undermining possibilities for future prosperity.

(Transformation is feasible: A report to the Club of Rome by: Jorgen Randers et. al.)


Living ethics across media platforms by Michael Bugeja

Living Ethics Across Media Platforms (2008) by Journalism and Communication professor/director Michael Bugeja provides insight into the ethics that ‘collapse and transcend’ the precincts of varying mass media platforms such as advertising, photojournalism and television.

Furthermore this bookfeatures:


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